An amazing stop.

Casanghjulina is a unique countryside property built from our passion and energy where the Corsican spirit lives….

Located in an idyllic, relaxing and peaceful environment, Casanghjulina is a convivial home with a touch of sweet madness.

Casanghjulina is not just like any place, it is a different world, an oasis surrounded by lush Mediterranean maquis where time stops and invites you to enjoy all the wonders of Corsica.


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The house

A beautiful land filled with Olive trees and local Mediterranean scents, the property is very quiet and located minutes from a river and the most pristine beaches from South Corsica. The luxury villa will welcome you with an elegant atmosphere, and a touch of typical Corsican decoration. High end facilities to enjoy with family or friends

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U Caseddu

The small house

Caseddu is a small detached house, with a rustic charm, dedicated for those who want to live like Robinson Crusoe but prefer the comfort of high-end amenities. Nested in the middle of the local scents and rocked by the sounds of  nature….

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The hut

The Cabin is a childhood dream that has evolved into growing up, an incredible suite perched in the scrub between the oaks and other endemic Corsican plants. Let yourself be lulled by a sweet night spotted with stars that the first rays of the sun will gently eclipse.

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