Casanghjulina L'Hôtel

Unique Hotel Complex
Domaine de Casanghjulina, South Corsica

Enjoy a privileged stopover in the heart of nature, between mountain, river and sea near Porto-Vecchio, in southern Corsica. Treat yourself to a romantic and unusual break imbued with sweetness, serenity and enchantment. The Casanghjulina hotel complex is all of this and much more.

Born from a common desire, fruit of our passion, of our energy, we imagined it as a singular oasis, where the terroir rubs shoulders with luxury in a remarkable imprint that mixes tradition and modernism and which honors the spirit as well as the Corsican soul. All with attention to offering top-of-the-range services and benefits.

The alchemy worked, the unprecedented was embodied in our Luxury Hotel Complex which offers four types of accommodation: Luxury Villa, Hotel, "Casette" (Traditional Luxury Suites) and Huts (Unusual Luxury Suites). Imagine a holiday break or an exceptional weekend stay, almost out of time, in a setting that is both idyllic and picturesque, in the heart of the Corsican maquis, in an atmosphere where luxury and tradition, where conviviality and comfort are nestled in every detail.

Staying at the Casanghjulina Hotel Complex is offering you a wonderful journey, a magical stopover where the enchantment of the eyes and the heart leave an unforgettable memory. Casanghjulina is much more than a rental in South Corsica, it is a whole world of luxury and enchantment in its own right, a haven of peace in which unusual and original accommodations are nestled, where everyone can according its projects, escape while taking advantage of all that Corsica can offer you.


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